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Prep Course

Data Science Bootcamp Prep Course

BrainStation's Data Science Prep Course is a free video course that will help you quickly learn essential concepts for working with data and is your first step toward a new career as a Data Scientist.

Ready to start your career in Data? Find out more about BrainStation's Data Science Bootcamp

Get Started in Data Science with this Free Video Prep Course

In BrainStation’s free Data Science Bootcamp Prep Course, you’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge to jumpstart your journey as a data professional. Within these 13 video lessons, you’ll learn about different types of data visualizations and how they should be used, best practices on creating impactful data communications and more.

By completing this Prep Course, you’ll gain tactical insights that can be directly applied to create engaging, value-driven data solutions, and knowledge that will accelerate your path towards a new career by helping you apply for a data science bootcamp.

Let’s get started:

Learn Essential Data Skills

In today’s economy, data powers industry-leading digital experiences and informs critical business decisions. Data professionals add value to businesses by communicating insights in a clear, concise, and memorable way – often to audiences with different motivations, needs, and education. Data professionals need to ensure audiences understand what information is being presented, how that information was sourced, and its relevance to different areas of the business. Clear and accurate communication of data insights is essential to prompt and inform the right strategic decision-making within an organization.

Great For Beginners

This video Prep Course is designed for beginners who are eager to take their first step into the field of data science. If you have a business background, or if you’ve explored data science and analytics before, this course will be a valuable complement to your learnings through augmenting your skills by giving you a framework to communicate data in a clear, engaging, and impactful way.

What You’ll Learn in This Video Prep Course

Throughout this video Prep Course, you’ll learn a variety of foundational concepts at the heart of any data professional’s skill set. From how to properly visualize data, create a data narrative, and design a dashboard, you’ll be equipped to create valuable and usable data outputs that drive success for leadership and teams across a business.

Within this free Prep Course, you’ll learn:

  • How to Build a Data Narrative
  • How to Communicate Data Insights
  • How to Present Data Through Different Mediums
  • Impactful Data Visualizations
  • Accessibility for Data
  • Designing Effective Dashboards
  • Popular Dashboard Tools

Apply What You’ve Learned

At the end of this video Prep Course, you’ll be ready to apply for a Data Science bootcamp like BrainStation’s Data Science Bootcamp.

As part of your application to BrainStation’s Data Science Bootcamp, you’ll be able to explore additional content around the analytics process and database fundamentals. You’ll also learn how to operate MySQL – a well-known industry tool. Finally, you will have the opportunity to apply everything you’ve learned by completing a data challenge, focused on solving a business funding problem. This challenge involves analyzing data with MySQL, and communicating key insights with a brief report accompanied by data visualizations.

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