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Prep Course

UX Design Bootcamp Prep Course

BrainStation's UX Design Bootcamp Prep Course is a free video course that will help you quickly learn the fundamentals of user experience design and is your first step toward a new career as a UX Designer.

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Get Started in UX Design with this Free Video Prep Course

In BrainStation’s free UX Design Bootcamp Prep Course, you’ll learn the foundations of user experience design through 17 video lessons that prepare you to dive deeper into this growing industry. You’ll learn about the UX design process, performing effective user research, and how to develop user-oriented solutions that truly provide value.

By completing this Prep Course, you’ll gain tactical insights that can be directly applied to designing new solutions, and knowledge that will accelerate your path towards a new career by helping you apply for a UX design bootcamp.

Let’s get started:

Learn Powerful Design Concepts

UX design is a field that can benefit all businesses and industries, and is about applying UX principles and frameworks to drive value and create the best set of interactions for end-users. This video Prep Course will help you get up to speed on critical information, and give you the context required to begin your journey in this field.

Great For Beginners

This video Prep Course is designed for beginners who are eager to take their first step into the field of user experience design. Even if you’ve explored UX design before or have a background in visual design, this course is a valuable complement to your learnings and will augment your skills, by giving you the mindset and framework to more effectively solve problems and become a better designer.

What You’ll Learn in This Video Prep Course

Throughout this video Prep Course, you’ll learn a variety of foundational concepts within the field of UX design. From the basics of performing user research, to ideating on solutions, you’ll have a better understanding of the concepts and frameworks used to build industry-leading digital experiences.

Within this free Prep Course, you’ll learn:

  • The UX Design Process
  • User Research
  • Structuring a Design Solution
  • Design Mindsets & Heuristics
  • Wireframes
  • Usability Tests
  • UI Design As Part of the UX Process

Apply What You’ve Learned

At the end of this video Prep Course, you’ll be ready to apply for a UX bootcamp like BrainStation’s UX Design Bootcamp.

As part of your application to BrainStation’s UX Design Bootcamp, you’ll explore additional educational content that dives deeper into some of the topics covered in this video Prep Course. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned by completing a design challenge, focused on solving a real business problem through the creation of a well-structured and user-oriented solution.

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