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Student Profile

Fatemeh Barani

Product Manager at Tesco

Course Taken

Product Management Course

Key Skills Learned

  • Agile Methodology
  • Product Development
  • Prototyping
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Fatemeh Barani


Where are you working currently, and what do you do there?

I am currently a Product Manager at Tesco, managing multiple products and internal applications that aim to reduce food waste and improve sustainability across all Tesco stores.

Can you tell us a bit about your education and career background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In order to make a smoother and easier transition into the tech sector, I completed the Product Management course at BrainStation in 2016.

Since then, I have worked in a number of companies and startups at different stages, developing different skill sets required for a Product Manager.

What was the highlight of your learning experience at BrainStation?

The highlight of my learning experience was connecting with like-minded people in my class and helping each other to grow along the same path. It felt like we were all there, supporting each other to achieve our goals and dreams.

How has your BrainStation experience impacted your career?

BrainStation gave me a very holistic view of a product management role, and as I grew in my career, I knew what areas to focus on to help me succeed.

What advice would you give to professionals considering a BrainStation course?

BrainStation is a great place to start working toward their career path but this is just a beginning. In order to be successful they should keep the curiosity alive in their hearts and their minds.

BrainStation is not just a course or program, but a community. That community stays in touch for years after they finish the course. I highly recommend that people stay in touch with the school by attending webinars and reading blogs. Your growth doesn't end when their course ends.

BrainStation gave me a very holistic view of a product management role, and as I grew in my career, I knew what areas to focus on to help me succeed.

From your perspective as an Instructor, how can students make the most of their learning?

Make it stick by:

  1. Reading ahead of each class
  2. Listening during the class and asking questions
  3. Participating in class discussions and activities to apply your learnings.

From your perspective as an Instructor, what are the benefits of learning (and teaching) in the online space?

Class diversity! We get to speak and work with individuals across the world and hear about their experiences and knowledge.

Working on projects from different perspectives makes the work more interesting and challenging.

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