Web Development Showcase Winter 2020

By BrainStation April 9, 2020

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of BrainStation students recently graduated with Diplomas in UX Design, Web Development, and Data Science. We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements and the way they took everything in stride.

BrainStation’s full-time Diploma programs culminate with students producing an individual portfolio piece for their final Capstone project.

Here are some of our favorite Web Development projects from Winter 2020. You can also see all of our graduate’s projects on our hiring page.


Thomas Griffiths

Rally is a React Native app that helps social circles have spontaneous hangouts. First, taking shared interests into consideration, the app connects users with their nearby friends that have a high chance of hanging out. Then, users are provided suggestions of places to go and things to do based on their location and interests.

Watch Thomas demo his work.

Perfect Cup

Andrii Taran

Perfect Cup is a mobile app that helps users make the perfect cup of coffee every time (who doesn’t want that?). The app also allows you to customize recipes and techniques to suit your taste, helping you take your home-brewing skills to the next level. Start by selecting pour-over or French press, then follow directions for the perfect brew time and bean-to-water ratio based on your roast and taste preferences.

See Andrii’s Github to get the full scope of his project.


Fitale Wari

Fitale developed uChoose, an app that suggests universities for you to consider based on simplified campus match scores, tuition costs, and location preferences. Not only can users find the schools that best fit their academic standing, but they can also find institutions that are most affordable and begin the application process.

See Fitale’s github.


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Lesley Dent

Inspired by the text-adventure games of the 1980s, Odyssey80 is a browser game where you help an old computer update its way into the 21st century.

The game begins with a cry for help: can you help the computer advance into the current era? If you’re in, you’ll be immersed in a world of neon and riddles.

See more of Lesley’s work on her github.


Philip Bertogg

Sembrana aims to empower users to grow fresh, organic produce in the comfort of their own homes, helping them reduce their carbon footprint, improve their living environment, and find a healthy, affordable alternative to store-bought produce.

Philip created this website for his mother’s business back in Ecuador (hence the Spanish name). He wanted to create a website that made information about Sembrana easily accessible to customers.

Take a look at at Philip’s Github

Yummy Recipes

Rajat Bansal

Rajat created Yummy Recipes to provide a modern alternative for users to view and upload homemade recipes with easy to use interface built with state of the art tech stack. Users can view daily specials as well as recipes by cuisines, categories and guest users.

See more of Rajat’s work.


Tiffany Chan

QueuePid is a music compatibility app based on Spotify streaming data. It showcases your recent top music trends and aims to find your musical soulmate by calculating a compatibility score with another user. By selecting a user, it allows you to explore your song, artist, and genre matches and then compares average features (e.g. danceability, energy, mood, speechiness, acousticness) based on your most-streamed tracks.

See Tiffany’s portfolio

Blue Banana Solutions

Connor Steele

For the marketers in the room, Connor created Blue Banana Solutions, a hub where users can view and export custom Salesforce and Google Analytics reports in one place. The interactive charts are any marketer’s dream come true.

View Connor’s Github.

Tree App

Chris Harris

Chris’s app enables tree planting supervisors to record project information on one dynamic table. Having been a tree planter himself, Chris knows this tool will provide valuable project insights and validations in one place, eliminating a lot of the work, redundancy and chances for error.

See Chris’s github for more details.

Waste Not

Laura Brennan

Waste Not is a zero-waste, zero-dollar exchange network; it’s a message-board style platform that links people who have things they don’t need with those seeking the same products.

Users can browse posted items, filter by neighbourhood, create new posts, and securely comment to get in touch with others in the network.

See Laura’s work on github.

QR Card

Brian Alves

Using React and Node.js, Brian created QR Card, an app that outputs a 3D-printed business card with a QR code that holds your CV, LinkedIn, Github, and any other portfolio assets you want to include.

Brian’s app is intended to help new candidates stand out in the hiring market.

See his github for more details, and watch his demo to see the 3D printer in action.