UX Design Showcase Spring 2020

By BrainStation August 7, 2020

After 12 weeks of accelerated learning, collaborating, and creating, our BrainStation Diploma students are able to showcase everything they’ve accomplished at our Virtual Demo day. 

It’s no exaggeration to say each season we’re in awe of how quickly students adapt to an intensive learning environment and the final results of their hard work.

Here are some of our favorite UX projects from Spring 2020. Don’t forget to take a look at all of the latest graduate’s projects on our hiring page.


Andrea Arizaleta

SERVED is an iOS app designed to improve and enhance people’s overall restaurant dining experience, providing an easy and reliable way to order food. The app allows guests to order from a digital menu, check an order status while waiting, conveniently split bills, and quickly pay the bill whenever the meal is finished.

Visit the hiring page to watch Andrea demo her design. 

A mock-up of Served, an app to enhance your dining experience. Served connects people to thier favorite restaurants through their phones wherever they are.


Michael Yue Sik Kin

PlusFolio is an app that allows Designers to collaborate with fellow students or colleagues to create beautiful, collaborative portfolio projects.

For any aspiring Designer, there is a lot of pressure to have a strong portfolio, which can open the door to additional opportunities. Through collaboration, Designers can add a level of diversity and teamwork to their projects—two things that will elevate a project’s value in the eyes of employers.

See the full scope of Michael’s app on the official showcase page


Randy Khoo

Spark is a mobile app designed to help organizations build a culture that inspires growth. The platform acts as a centralized information hub that provides employees tools to keep them engaged and motivated.

Want to see the full concept? Check out our Hiring page


Brendan Kirby

Tabby is a crowd-sourced cat-sitting service and community intended to improve the accessibility, availability, and affordability of pet-sitting exclusively for cat-owners. The app offers direct messaging, cashless payments, and on-demand appointments to ensure a street-free process from beginning to end.See more mockups on our Hiring page.


Samiya Dalwai

WeClick is an app that helps newcomers to Canada connect with one another through interest-based activities and 1-on-1 meetups. The designs show that activities and people are recommended to users based on compatibility and interests as a way to help those who’ve recently emigrated to Canada make meaningful connections and find their community.

Watch Samiya explain her design process and review her portfolio.


Ben Habib

Bondly is a photo and video sharing app that enables friends to collaborate on media albums. The platform provides a space where friends can combine their memories and bond over shared experiences.

Let Ben walk you through his design.

Noeme AR

Wynnie Chung

Noeme AR is an augmented reality application to help patients record and showcase their pain symptoms as a way to enhance patient-doctor communication and collaboration.  

The application reimagines the traditional paper-based, pre-assessment process into three-step, digital AR experience that captures the location, intensity, and direction of pain on the patient’s body. By providing a baseline of quality information on a patient’s condition, Noeme AR helps doctors and patients quickly enter into meaningful conversations towards diagnosis and plan of care.

See all the features of Noeme AR on the Hiring Showcase.

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