How Hard Is It to Become a Web Developer?

BrainStation’s Web Developer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a lucrative new career. Find out how hard it is to become a Web Developer.

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While learning the foundational skills to become a Web Developer is relatively straightforward, becoming a good Web Developer can be more challenging, requiring ongoing learning and effort over years.

As many Developers will tell you, though, it’s well worth the effort – web development can be an extremely fulfilling (and well-paying) career, and as they say, nothing worth having comes easy.

Is Learning JavaScript Enough to Get a Job?

Learning JavaScript can be an advantage on the job market, but to succeed as a Web Developer, professionals need to have a strong command of a range of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In addition, because the web development field evolves rapidly, mastering these languages is not enough. Developers need to regularly refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

Beyond learning to code, Developers need to also be skilled at problem-solving and self-directed learning, allowing them to find the right answers and understand the ins and outs of each language.

You don’t need to be a genius or a math wiz, but an eye for detail is key. Computers are extremely precise, digital machines. The slightest deviation from what a computer expects means that code won’t compile, won’t run, or will crash. The whole point of programming and building software is to write code that the computer successfully processes, producing the desired result. In other words, a good Developer has to write code that works.

How Effective Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are extremely effective. According to job site Indeed, four out of five companies in the US have hired a graduate from a coding bootcamp. In addition, a Course Report survey found that 80 percent of coding bootcamp graduates had found jobs with the skills learned in their programs.

In short, those dedicated to committing the time and energy will find that a coding bootcamp’s project-based, hands-on learning experience can best prepare them for a career in development, even with very little previous experience.


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