Is Social Media Hard to Learn?

BrainStation’s Social Media Specialist career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a lucrative new career in social media and digital marketing.

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Social media is not hard to learn, but it does require continuous learning and staying up-to-date with trends. Because of the emergence of new platforms and tech, and changing demographics, tastes, and trends will always evolve. Staying constantly focused on the latest developments and adopting a data-driven approach to social media marketing are two ways to stay ahead of the game, ensuring that you’re always making the best use of your campaigns and resources.

All social media channels are some combination of sharing content and engaging with other users. Almost all platforms follow a similar model of liking posts contributed by other users and uploading original content for others to engage with, but there are differences.

Here, for example, is a quick look at the differences between some popular social media channels:

  • Facebook is the largest and most popular social media channel. Here you can follow your real-life friends and family members to share updates or join groups of others around a common interest.
  • Instagram is a heavily image-based platform that allows you to follow thought leaders, influencers, and content creators around the world depending on your interests. You can also share your own content with your friends and the world.
  • Quora is a space for people to post questions and crowd-source answers from the community. It’s a great channel for Marketers to discover the questions their audience is asking and sometimes provide a valuable answer.
  • Pinterest is a channel for users to save or “pin” projects, content, or products that they want to remember later. You can upload creative projects, products, art or really anything else that can then be saved by other members of the community.

How Can I Improve My Social Media Skills?

To improve your social media skills, you must analyze and adjust the success of your past posts, commit to continuous learning, and become comfortable working with every kind of social-media platform.

Five steps you can take to improve your social media skills:

  • Choose the right social platforms. Where does your target audience live online? Consider the differences between different platforms and create content that will stand out on each. What speaks to TikTok’s audience likely won’t work on Twitter. A one-size-fits-all approach is never wise.
  • Come up with a social media strategy. Any social media professional will tell you that long-term thinking is crucial. If you don’t set goals, you won’t be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your work.
  • Stay on top of social trends. The best social media professionals are never in the dark about what people are talking about online. Think about how what’s going viral right now could relate to your brand’s story.
  • Maintain a consistent online presence. Don’t let your audience miss you. Although you don’t want to spend too much time promoting – and clogging up someone’s feed needlessly is not a good idea – it’s important that your audience knows what to expect in terms of your brand’s voice, look, and even how often they see your content.
  • Learn from your social media mistakes. To effectively carry out your strategy, you will have to also audit and analyze how well you’ve been doing. Figure out your KPIs and see where you excelled and lagged. Good social media professionals never stop learning, and you should view setbacks as learning opportunities.