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BrainStation Enterprise Talent Program Terms

BrainStation Enterprise Talent Program Details

The BrainStation Enterprise Talent Program is subject to these terms, which apply to participating organizations and their personnel (“Participants”):

  1. All Participants will comply with the BrainStation Community Guidelines at all times while visiting BrainStation premises or engaged with BrainStation team members, students and the BrainStation Community: https://brainstation.io/community-guidelines
  2. Program participation is voluntary and does not involve payment or compensation to BrainStation or any third party unless agreed otherwise. Participants will bear their own costs. From time to time BrainStation may modify the Program or individual activities and events in its sole discretion on notice to you.
  3. Participants will comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those dealing with: (a) privacy and personally identifiable information and will maintain a corresponding privacy policy and will comply with the BrainStation Privacy Policy (https://brainstation.io/privacy-policy) applicable to activities under the Program; and (b) commercial electronic messages such as the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and US commercial electronic message laws. Participants agree to maintain confidential all non-public information provided by BrainStation to Participants relating to the BrainStation business or any of its students, personnel, agents, or suppliers and will only use such information for the intended purposes of Program. For the sake of clarity, confidential information includes student identities and contact information, resumes, references, and related personal information.
  4. To ensure the success of the Program and its events, Participants undertake that their organization will try their best to support agreed upon or scheduled events through attendance, active participation, and promotion within their respective organizations. Key events for which Participant organizations will need to support include Demo Days at your local BrainStation campus held four times per year.
  5. Program Participants agree , acknowledge, and represent that: (i) they have the legal authority on behalf of their organization to agree to these Terms and participate in the Program; (ii) BrainStation may communicate with Participants for the purposes of the Program using email or telephone contact details provided by Participants to BrainStation and they have consented to such communication.
  6. Participants consent to the use of their name, image, and likeness by BrainStation for marketing and promotional purposes of BrainStation which includes use of Participant’s corporate name, logo, or trademark and use of an individual participant’s name, image or likeness. BrainStation is authorized and granted a limited license to use your organization’s name, logo, trade-marks and other brand elements in association with the Program provided such use complies with any applicable style or brand guidelines.
  7. Participants agree that they will not directly or indirectly solicit for employment or otherwise seek to engage any BrainStation employees, contractor or supplier without the advance written consent of BrainStaton.
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