Product Management 101

Thursday, December 7th, 2017
6:00 - 7:30 PM

455 Granville St Enter through the lobby and join us on the 4th Floor. Map

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Experience learning Product Management at BrainStation with an introductory evening workshop. 

Looking to level up your career with Product Management skills? BrainStation’s part-time Product Management course is an effective medium for achieving your digital goals because it is led by an industry expert, it’s hands-on, and you’re accountable to your Educator and peers. If Product Management is something you’re curious to dive deeper into, this 90 minute Intro To Product Management Workshop is an excellent precursor to the part-time course and offers a great taste of the BrainStation learning experience.

The workshop will provide you with the basic understanding of the role of a Product Manager and the Product Management process, as well as an overview of the essential skills of a Product Manager and how they use this skill-set to integrate with digital teams. We’ll also discuss how Product Managers work independently and alongside teams, and review what guides the day-to-day work of a Product Manager and how the role is different from that of a Project Manager.

We’ll end the workshop with an exercise around Minimum Viable Product (MVP) identification and its role in Product development. Please bring a computer!




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Topics of Discussion

An overview of Product Management as a discipline

Understand the role of the Product Manager

Learn about the essential competencies of a Product Manager

Gain insight into Lean and Agile Development theories

Understand what an MVP is, and its role in Product development

What You'll Get

Insights from industry experts

Snacks & refreshments at our campus

Networking opportunity with like-minded professionals

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