BrainStation Launches 2018 Digital Skills Survey

Technology affects the rate of change in the world so quickly, it’s important to keep track of how businesses and individuals are adapting to new ways to work and stay connected.

Our friends at BrainStation have taken this task to heart and launched a new Digital Skills Survey that will look to analyze the global digital skills landscape in a comprehensive fashion. The digital economy will only keep growing, so the idea of mastering several digital skills is becoming more important than ever. The survey will gather information from over 150,000 professionals and industry leaders to help identify how the workforce is reacting to new digital trends on a day-to-day basis.

“Our goal was to create the most comprehensive digital skills survey of its kind, so we’re aiming to survey as many digital professionals and industry leaders as possible,” said Jason Field, founder and CEO of BrainStation. “What are their day-to-day experiences really like? What’s impacting their fields? We want their perspective on the state of the digital landscape, to understand the factors that are really shaping the future of our economy.”

Questions revolve around data, design, marketing, product and development, ensuring that even those without a heavy technical background can share their thoughts regarding the current digital ecosystem.

The survey will look to provide key insights into what digital tools are in greatest demand, as well as different recruiting and training options that resonate most with the general public and companies. Once the survey has been completed, BrainStation will share the results in a comprehensive and exhaustive report.

Techvibes is a partner of the survey, along with Konrad Group, WeWork, DN, Dribbble and more. BrainStation is a worldwide leader in premium digital skills training to better prepare the workforce for the future. They have trained over 50,000 professionals and have more than 250 industry leaders as instructors. BrainStation recently launched Canada’s first-ever Data Science boot camp and have locations in New York City, Toronto and Vancouver, as well as multiple online options.

Head here to lend your thoughts to the survey.