BrainStation Launches Google Cloud Platform Training

By BrainStation July 31, 2018

BrainStation is proud to announce the expansion of corporate training options with the launch of Google Cloud Platform Training: a series of accelerated training programs for Google Analytics and Google AdWords, both online and in-person at campuses in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

“BrainStation has taught core digital skill sets to learners around the world, and today we’re rolling out the first of many training opportunities on key cloud platforms,” said Jason Field, Founder and CEO at BrainStation.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords are two of the world’s most popular cloud platforms, and  crucial marketing tools for any company looking to generate online traffic and make itself available to consumers.

“These new cloud training courses are designed to give professionals, at all levels, first-hand experience with the most widely used web analytics and advertising platforms —  approximately 50 million websites use Google Analytics, and an estimated 1.2 million advertisers use Google AdWords. The ubiquity of these platforms makes them absolutely essential to learn and understand,” Field says.

What is Cloud Platform Training?

Similar to BrainStation’s cutting-edge digital courses and programs, cloud platform training provides an instructor-led, hands-on learning experience that emphasizes collaboration and feedback from industry professionals and experts.

The following courses are now available in both introductory and advanced training options:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics training equips you and your team with skills to leverage the power of data to measure performance, track user interaction, and streamline strategic decision making. The training program empowers students to create analytics strategies and transform data into insightful reports to maximize your organization’s digital performance.

Google AdWords

Google’s advertising products, including AdWords, have 45 percent of the online global advertising market – making it an invaluable platform to master. Google AdWords training is taught by Instructors currently working in the field, allowing you to gain real-world insight into the creation and analysis of targeted PPC advertising campaigns.

Cloud training options are a way for entire corporate teams to develop digital skills and master core industry tools that will help their business succeed.


Looking to master Google Analytics and AdWords? Learn more about our training options and enroll today.