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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Numbers

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Numerical information in JavaScript is represented by a data type called number. Whether the numerical value is a whole number, fraction or a number with decimal point precision, they are all collectively represented as a number data type.

const weight = 78.5;
const grades = 98;
const remainder = 80 % 4;

console.log(weight); // prints 78.5
console.log(grades); // prints 98
console.log(remainder); // 0

console.log(typeof weight); // prints number
console.log(typeof grades); // prints number
console.log(typeof remainder); // prints number

Infinity, -Infinity and NaN

Numbers can also be +Infinity, -Infinity or NaN (Not a Number) value based on the numerical calculations.

const value = 65 / 0;
const data = -65 / 0;
const result = ‘hello’ / 10;

console.log(value); // prints Infinity
console.log(data); // prints -Infinity
console.log(result); // prints NaN
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