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Bootcamp (London)

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Bootcamp London

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Launch a new career as a Digital Marketer with this intensive Digital Marketing bootcamp in London.

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The Bootcamp Experience

BrainStation is more than a Digital Marketing bootcamp: it's a career transformation experience. Beyond learning the essential technical skills you'll need to start a new career as a Digital Marketer, you'll gain hands-on, industry experience through unique real-world projects where you'll work alongside industry professionals on real business problems and collaborate with designers, data scientists, and web developers to deliver a real-world solution. See why thousands of graduates have launched their new careers with BrainStation through this Digital Marketing bootcamp.

Hands-On Industry Experience Before You Graduate

Get practical, hands-on experience applying what you've learned to a real business case presented by a leading digital business like Microsoft, Mastercard, and Google. In these dynamic hands-on projects, you'll work alongside practitioners while cross-collaborating with BrainStation students from other bootcamps to develop a compelling digital solution. This is an essential experience applying your skills to a real-world business problem working as part of a diverse digital team, just like you will in your new career.

Mastercard adidas Google Walmart Skip the dishes


The Challenge

How might we increase the security of digital transactions through innovative digital solutions?

Working in cross-functional teams alongside practitioners from Mastercard, BrainStation students designed and built human-centered solutions to this challenge, and presented them to Mastercard leadership.


The Challenge

What digital solutions can we use to support the future success of eCommerce in the apparel and sporting goods industry?

BrainStation students were challenged to work with practitioners from adidas to design and build an innovative solution to this challenge. At the end, they had the opportunity to present their solution to adidas.


The Challenge

How might we increase access to health care services through the use of education and digital solutions?

Working in cross-functional teams alongside practitioners from Google, BrainStation students collaborated to design and build innovative solutions to this challenge. Once complete, students then had the opportunity to present their solutions back to Google.


The Challenge

What data-driven, digital experiences can we deliver to help customers to save money and live better?

Working in cross-functional teams alongside practitioners from Walmart, BrainStation students designed and built human-centered solutions to this challenge, and presented them to the Walmart team.


The Challenge

As the restaurant industry is experiencing significant disruption, what digital solutions can we create to support successful food delivery?

Working alongside practitioners from SkipTheDishes, BrainStation students designed and built a solution to this challenge facing the restaurant industry. They then presented their solutions to SkipTheDishes leadership.

Learn From Guest Experts Throughout the Programme

BrainStation students get access to exclusive guest lectures and panel discussion events led by some of the world's leading subject matter experts and industry professionals.

Clare Carr

Clare Carr

VP of Marketing at Chief

Davida Ander

Davida Ander

Programme Lead, Paid Media at Lululemon

Brayden Cohen

Brayden Cohen

Social Media Marketing, Team Lead at Hootsuite

Nicole West

Nicole West

VP, Digital Strategy & Product at Chipotle

Tom Keiser

Tom Keiser

CEO at Hootsuite

Fab Dolan

Fab Dolan

Global Marketing Director at Google

Tehmina Haider

Tehmina Haider

VP & Head of Harry's Labs at Harry's

Win Sakdinan

Win Sakdinan

Director, Business Marketing at Twitter

Clare Carr

Clare Carr

VP of Marketing at Chief

Davida Ander

Davida Ander

Programme Lead, Paid Media at Lululemon

Brayden Cohen

Brayden Cohen

Social Media Marketing, Team Lead at Hootsuite

Nicole West

Nicole West

VP, Digital Strategy & Product at Chipotle

Tom Keiser

Tom Keiser

CEO at Hootsuite

Fab Dolan

Fab Dolan

Global Marketing Director at Google

Tehmina Haider

Tehmina Haider

VP & Head of Harry's Labs at Harry's

Win Sakdinan

Win Sakdinan

Director, Business Marketing at Twitter

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Learn in the Center of London

Based in the tech district of Shoreditch, BrainStation is at the heart of London's digital scene, surrounded by the most cutting-edge companies in the city. In addition to courses, BrainStation London offers training sessions, industry events, expert panel discussions, and more.

BrainStation London
55-57 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3QA, UK

Start Learning Full-Time or Part-Time

Full-time classes are held all day, Monday to Friday.

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Full-Time Schedule

In-Person or Online

Classes on Monday to Friday

Daily Schedule

  • 8:45 AM
  • 9:00 AM
  • 9:30 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 1:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM

Part-Time Schedule


Classes on two weekday evenings and Saturday

Weekly Schedule

Two Weekday Evenings

Our Part-Time Programme also prioritizes regular check-ins to support your learning, scheduled programme breaks to help you recharge, and preparation to guide you towards your new career.

Unit 1

Branding, Strategy, & Marketing Planning

Begin your journey by quickly getting up to speed with the foundations of digital marketing. Prepare yourself for more advanced work ahead, and start building a digital marketing mindset by applying critical digital marketing strategy to problems. In this unit, you’ll explore key areas of digital marketing and how they work together, what digital marketing is all about, and more. Learn about essential marketing concepts like branding, customer research, and more so you can begin to gather important data and market insights. You’ll also explore how to create a digital marketing strategy from your new insights and leverage your learnings to solve a digital business problem as part of a guided marketing sprint.

Key Skills:
Competitive Analysis
Marketing Research
Customer Exploration
Digital Marketing Strategy
Customer Journey Mapping
Digital Marketing Campaign Development

Understand Customers & Develop a Marketing Mindset

Learn about critical frameworks and topics such as Customer Journey Mapping, competitor analysis and more that digital marketers use to gain insight into the marketing landscape and start your journey. Explore foundational topics such as branding and media to start thinking like a digital marketer.

Learn Strategy Foundations

Bring your learnings together by discovering how to build an effective digital marketing strategy. Explore fundamental strategy concepts and frameworks, metrics, digital marketing campaigns, budgets, target audience, and more. Gain hands-on experience and solidify your learnings by completing a collaborative marketing sprint to solve a digital marketing challenge.

Explore Key Areas of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a diverse field with so many facets. Explore key areas including search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content, and more, and learn how they integrate to connect brands and consumers. This will help you develop your marketing toolkit, and give you insight into how and when these facets can be used to solve problems and drive results.

Unit 2

Content Marketing

Whether its through advertisements, blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts or more, content is all of these things and is what connects brands and consumers, driving marketing forward. It's high-quality, relevant, and impactful content that helps build awareness, support engagement and drive marketing conversions. In this unit you'll explore the world of content marketing and the central role it plays in making digital marketing possible.

  • Mailchimp
  • Gmail
  • Canva
Key Skills:
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Landing Pages
Copywriting Foundations
UTM Codes
Content Calendars

Build a Content Strategy

Content is an engine that requires investment. Learn how content is consumed by your target audience and perform analyses to understand how you can create effective, engaging content. Build a content strategy with your insights and learn how to measure and analyse your content to help drive a return on your investment.

Plan Content That Drives Results

Content needs to appear for the right user at the right time to be successful. Learn how to map content across the marketing funnel to support consumer needs and provide timely value. Practise creating content and campaigns, and develop your creative copywriting skills – an essential ability for digital marketers to create different types of compelling content.

Learn Email Marketing & Landing Pages

Email marketing is a powerful and underrated part of any digital marketing strategy. Learn how to create email marketing and drip campaigns, and use Mailchimp, an industry tool to practise your email marketing skills and create effective landing pages that drive conversions.

Unit 3

Social Media Marketing

No digital marketing programme is complete without exploring social media marketing, which are essential digital channels. In this unit, you'll build a strong social media foundation by diving deep into key platforms, exploring their features, benefits, limitations, and more. You'll learn to build a social media marketing strategy and understand how to create paid and organic social media content, leveraging select ads managers for paid advertisements. Finally, round out your social media knowledge by exploring key topics such as influencer marketing, social media trends, and more.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Unit 3 tool: youtube.svg
  • Unit 3 tool: hootsuite.svg
Key Skills:
Social Media Audits
Social Media Strategy
Paid Social Advertising
Content for Social Media
Influencer Strategy
Social Media Content Calendars

Explore Key Platforms & Develop a Social Media Strategy

Cut through the clutter and direct your social media efforts where it matters most by analysing key platforms, performing audits, and identifying success metrics. Use your new understanding to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

Drive Growth With Paid & Organic Content

Develop a content strategy for social media, and organise your paid and organic efforts with a social media content calendar. Interact with ad platforms like Facebook Ads Manager, learn about Influencer Marketing, and more.

Explore Critical Social Media Topics

Social media changes almost every day. Learn how to keep pace with these changes by exploring key trends and by leveraging social listening to understand your evolving audience. Learn how to build social media success by exploring employee advocacy, discussion networks, and more.

Unit 4

Search Marketing

Search engines account for nearly all web traffic and are integral to daily life. It should be no surprise that search marketing (AKA Search Engine Marketing or SEM) is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels available to modern marketers today, and a critical piece of the digital marketing landscape. In this unit you'll dive deep into paid and organic search marketing, learning about technical search engine optimization (SEO) concepts, keywords research, search advertisements, and more. You'll also get to work hands-on with industry tools like Google Ads, and Google Search Console to create SEM campaigns and search ads, and uncover hidden SEO issues.

  • Google Search
  • Google Ads
  • Google Chrome
  • Screaming Frog
  • Unit 4 tool: moz-dark.svg
  • HTML
  • Unit 4 tool: google-trends-white.svg
  • Unit 4 tool: google-search-console-white.svg
Key Skills:
Search Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Search Advertising (PPC)
SEO Audits
Keyword Research & Planning
Paid Search Budgeting
Search Ad Copywriting
Search Content Strategy

Boost Visibility With SEO Techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, relies on organically building your search presence. Start by gathering data through SEO audits and by using industry tools to uncover hidden issues. Learn and apply essential SEO techniques and concepts to build a backlink strategy, and optimise website content, URLs, and more, to complement your digital marketing efforts.

Create Compelling Search Advertisements & Campaigns

Paid search or PPC advertising, relies on choosing the right keywords to effectively reach an audience. Learn how to create engaging text ads and display ads through keyword research and analysis. Use Google Ads to explore how to set up campaigns, and learn critical SEM concepts such as ad quality scores, bidding, and remarketing.

Develop a Search Marketing Strategy

Bring your new learnings together by creating a search strategy and SEM campaign as part of a unit project. You'll be able to provide tailored recommendations and suggest on-page and off-page optimizations. You'll also learn how to identify goals and KPIs, and will provide an SEM budget plan as part of your strategy.

Unit 5

Analytics, Reporting, & Professional Development

Digital marketing is a data-driven, iterative field and the best digital marketers understand how to leverage data to find insights, test new ideas, and iterate to ultimately drive performance. Learn how to work with Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Sheets to find important marketing data and effectively present insights to key stakeholders. In this unit, you'll also complete your Capstone Project, and dive into preparing for your new career with BrainStation's Career Accelerator Programme.

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Loom
Key Skills:
Marketing Analytics Foundations
Capstone Development
Presentation & Communication
Career Acceleration

Measure Your Marketing Efforts and Analyse Success

Learn how to define success and measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Explore problem solving frameworks and the data analytics process to set you up for success when approaching and using marketing data. Put your new skills into practise in a digital marketing sprint where you'll solve a real-world problem and take a reflective approach to analyse your solution.

Interact With Data Tools & Reports

Start by learning the key terms and fundamentals of marketing analytics. Build on your knowledge by exploring how to operate analytics and visualisation tools to access key data and discover insights. You'll learn how to format data, access marketing reports and build visualisations with industry tools like Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Data Studio.

Prepare to Launch Your New Career

Go deep on professional development and prepare to launch your new career with BrainStation's Career Accelerator Programme. Practise and refine your presentation and communication skills and prepare to present yourself and your work to potential employers.

demo day

Demo Day: Meet Employers and Build Your Network

Demo Day is a celebration of everything you've learned and accomplished in your Digital Marketing bootcamp. It's where you'll showcase your final project among your peers, BrainStation hiring partners, and alumni from cutting-edge companies in the tech industry that need digital skills.

View Tuition, Financing Options, and More in the Programme Package

View the Programme Package to access:

  • Tuition details
  • Scholarships and financing options
  • Application process
career services staff

Career Services That Get You Hired

We're in it together. During your BrainStation bootcamp and beyond, work with BrainStation's dedicated Career Success team to help launch your new career in a structured and accountability-based environment. In addition to meeting with your peers and our Career Success team members, you'll have access to a variety of world-class career services that have been proven with thousands of BrainStation bootcamp graduates who have started a new tech career.

Career Support From Day 1

Your career transformation begins on day 1. Kick off your programme with goal-setting and preparation that sets you up for success. From the first day, throughout the programme and beyond, we're with you to transform your career.

Hands-On Workshops Throughout the Programme

Your BrainStation bootcamp is designed with career success in mind, and includes regular workshops that prepare you to tell your story and master your job search with resume, LinkedIn, and interviewing support and guidance.

1-on-1 Support When You Need It

Everyone's career transformation journey is different, so you'll have 1-on-1 support from BrainStation's dedicated Career Success and career coaching team to help you navigate your own unique career transformation.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Bonney Halani

Bonney Halani

SEM Coordinator at Saatchi & Saatchi

You aren't just studying digital marketing, you also experience what it’s like to be a Digital Marketer. All the challenges you are presented with throughout the programme are things the Digital Marketers actually have to face in the real world. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect once you're out of the course and working in the field.

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Daria Aza

Daria Aza

Associate Data Analyst at Manulife

The most valuable skills I learned are related to time management and being resourceful. I can now understand the root of any problem on the fly and quickly find a solution for it, even if it involves learning new things rapidly to complete the task. . . .

I have my first real job in the industry and I'm applying everything I've learned at BrainStation!

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Dorsa Giyahi

Dorsa Giyahi

Product Designer at Wave HQ

I mainly chose BrainStation because of the community that they've built. Knowing about the community and all the different talented people really gave me a sense of security and confidence knowing that I'd had the opportunity to connect and learn from all of them. . . .

BrainStation made all the impact on my career; It was a huge springboard for me!

While there were a lot of late nights of hard work and a lot of work outside of class hours, BrainStation really opened the door and got my career started.

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