Live Demo: Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 in Action

Yesterday at BlackBerry Jam in San Jose, Research In Motion’s Thorsten Heins and Vivek Bhardwaj performed a live demo of some of BlackBerry 10’s new features.

The duo showcased a number of BB10 features, including “Peak” and “Hub.” Much of the demo was based on highlighting how much can be done easily with a single finger or thumb. Users can “peak” at notifications without leaving apps, and access a hub of custom-selected content, again without leaving apps and with just one thumb.

Other cool features RIM showed off included a sleek new calender and a unique alarm clock.

Check out the 14-minute demo RIM posted on YouTube last night. So far we’re impressed with what we’ve seen from BB10.



Oh, and don’t forget to watch RIM executives sing awkwardly to developers in a bizarre music video, which was also revealed during the Jam.