AppDirect Plans to Double Canadian Presence with 300 New Jobs

Another announcement involving contributions to Canada’s tech sector has come out of Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to San Francisco.

AppDirect has announced a commitment to Canada by saying they will create at least 300 jobs in the country over the next five years as part of their global growth strategy. The plan involves creating an emerging sales office in Toronto and expanding the engineering talent in AppDirect’s current offices in Montreal and Calgary.

The new expansions would double AppDirect’s total number of Canadian employees from 300 to 600.

Trudeau visited several tech headquarters and executives while in San Francisco. It included a visit with Amazon and their CEO Jeff Bezos, as well as a visit with Salesforce, which committed $2 billion to their Canadian operations. This visit with AppDirect and the CEO Dan Saks was to discuss the importance of U.S.-Canada tech connectedness, the innovation scene, and the value in supporting a digital economy.

“Prime Minister Trudeau’s landmark visit showcases the importance of strengthening the connection between Canada and Silicon Valley,” said Dan Saks, President and Co-CEO, AppDirect. “Attracting strong talent, both in the U.S. and Canada, is a key part of our growth strategy, and we’re excited about the opportunities this investment will bring.”

Canada has been a source of innovation and talent for AppDirect over the past few years, as they have acquired a few businesses to integrate into their platform. In early 2016, AppDirect bought the Montreal-based Radialpoint to make use of their technical support software. In 2015, AppDirect acquired the Calgary-based AppCarousel, an app management platform. Both of these companies currently make up a large part of AppDirect Canadian presence.

AppDirect itself is an end-to-end cloud commerce platform that helps businesses succeed in the digital world. They connect channels, developers, and customers through their platform and help to simplify the digital supply chain.