Apple Hires Founder of BlackBerry’s QNX to Work On Rival Car Technology Project

Apple has hired Dan Dodge, the founder and former CEO of QNX, an operating system developer BlackBerry acquired six years ago, a report from Bloomberg reveals. QNX software is found in the cockpits of myriad motor vehicles, including the Audi TT, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, and the Volkswagen Touareg.

Apple actually made the hire earlier this year, but opted not to make a public announcement. That’s because the company’s self-driving car project, for which it hired Dodge, remains under wraps.

The company also brought back Bob Mansfield. Mansfield, who stepped away from day-to-day work at Apple years ago, previously led the hardware engineering development of products, including the iPad, iMac, and MacBook Air. He has been involved with Apple since 1999.

Apple Brings Back Bob Mansfield to Work on Automobile Project, Sources Say

Sources suggest Apple’s car project is part of a long-term vision to generate future growth beyond the iPhone, which drives a lot of the company’s revenue but is seeing slowing growth. Apple has never admitted the project exists, but rumors have circulated for years and sources suggest hundreds of employees are now involved.

Mansfield, who is rumored to lead the so-called Project Titan, reports directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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