Apple is Killing Off the MacBook Air

It seems that the MacBook Air is running out of oxygen. Today, when Apple unveiled its new lineup of MacBook Pros, it became evident that the Air is not a priority for Apple anymore—and that, in fact, it appears to be preparing to kill off the line entirely.

The 11-inch Air has already been removed from the Apple Store. As for the 13-inch, it’s staying for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it did not get another update. This is because the Pro has an entry-level model now whose price matches the Air, while the next-gen Pros revealed today are actually thinner than the Air at the same weight—which means the Air’s marketability has diminished greatly. It’s no longer filling a gap in Apple’s product portfolio.

As for the new Pros, they’re thinner and lighter, and their width and length dimensions have been reduced too. The screen and keyboard both got updates, as did the processing power, but the big feature added was Touch Bar, which replaces the antiquated function key row with a customizable, adaptive multi-touch screen.

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