Apple’s iOS 10 Being Adopted at Record Rate

iOS 10 is now installed on two-thirds of active iOS devices, according to data from tracking firm Fiksu DSP.

According to Fiksu’s data, iOS 10 has hit the two-thirds mark faster than any of the past six iterations of the mobile OS. The iOS 10 update first became available on September 13th, 27 days ago.

It is interesting to note that iOS 10’s adoption rate lagged well behind iOS 8 and iOS 9 for the first 15 days of its life cycle, at which point it began its rapid ascent.

Since iPhone 7 models (with iOS 10 preinstalled) still make up a very small amount of the iOS device pool, it seems as if a large chunk of Apple users were either hesitant to upgrade or just patient.

Fiksu speculates that many iPhone owners waited to see if they should buy the iPhone 7, then decided to update their current devices when reviews for the new model didn’t convince them an updgrade was in order.