As Uber Closes in on New CEO, HPE’s Meg Whitman Remains on Shortlist

The tech world is watching with interest as Uber shortlists a lineup of potential executives to take over as head of what is perhaps Silicon Valley’s most scandalous darling.

Uber says that it hopes to have a new CEO established by September, and currently there are six or fewer people be considered for the position, according to sources cited in Bloomberg.

The list allegedly includes Meg Whitman, currently the chief of HPE, Bloomberg reports. And while she has apparently gone so far as to have multiple meetings with Uber’s leadership this month, Whitman is “fully committed” to HPE, according to a company spokesperson.

Under anyone who is not cofounder Travis Kalanick, Uber will be a different company. Kalanick was effectively forced to resign as CEO following a years’-long string of scandals, culminating in a catastrophic controversy surrounding his company’s toxic corporate culture.

During his infamous reign, Kalanick grew Uber at an impressive rate, and the company seems to have lost little momentumexternally, at least—in his abrupt absence.