People, Technology Driving Autodata’s Global Expansion

“We’ve never deliberately tried to set a culture. It’s been a very organic progression,” says Keith Murray, Senior Vice President at Autodata. “We’ve tried to maintain that spirit of entrepreneurship, of being nimble. Being able to react to our customers’ demands.”

“You have the ability to put your own stamp on what we do and how we do it here,” says Murray.

Autodata is a group of three companies focusing on the automotive sector:

  • Autodata Solutions is a consulting, technology services, and business process outsource company that provides custom IT solutions to the automotive vertical, working with original equipment manufacturers like General Motors and Ford.
  • Chrome Data is a vehicle content division that aggregates vehicle data, pricing, content, and configuration logic across the North American automotive space, which is used to build products.
  • Unity Works focuses on visual merchandising.  Think of videos you might see on a dealer’s website, featuring all of a vehicles features and the value that it would bring to a consumer.  Unity Works develops that content, leveraging the Chrome Data content in order to create compelling marketing stories.

 These three divisions work toegether in offices in London (Ontario), Montreal, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Portland, and Minneapolis.

When discussing the highlights of working at Autodata, Murray describes it succinctly: “People and technology.”

“We’ve got brilliant people here that are passionate about technology, that are passionate about the business that we’re in and advancing the tech that we work with,” Murray says.

One quality they value in their people and look for in their hires is humility.

“We look for things like an ability to ask for help, a desire to help, coach, and mentor junior resources, a person that’s willing to admit that they don’t know everything,” Murray says. “It’s those soft skills in combination with the technical skills that really make for successful teams here.”

It is an exciting time to join Autodata as the company is on the cusp of expanding globally.

“We have been so focused in the last 25 years of ultimately becoming a leader in the North American market, and our focus in the next several years is increasing that to a global scale. As the company transforms into a global player in the automotive space, that’s very exciting,” says Murray.

Autodata is currently hiring for a variety of positions in Ontario.

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