BarCamp Portland begins Friday

BarCamp PortlandThe long-awaited BarCamp Portland, the second time the wildly popular “unconference” format has been held in Portland, starts on Friday at CubeSpace. With more than 200 people have RSVPing to attend and a number of others possibly attending, BarCamp Portland is easily one of the most popular events on Upcoming.

Word around the (Bar)Campfire is that folks are traveling from far and wide to make an appearance.

Not convinced that BarCamp is worth your time? I’m sure Dawn Foster can changed your mind.

Still need more? Well here are “five reasons to attend BarCamp Portland“:

  1. The participants set the agenda. No big, corporate conference planners deciding what you want to hear; you get to decide what we talk about!
  2. Fun! We have plans for evening werewolf, other games, and maybe even a movie on Saturday night.
  3. You get to hang out with cool people. Last year about 250 of the coolest people in the Portland tech community attended.
  4. The format is highly interactive: you can ask questions, contribute, and participate. Keep in mind that roundtable discussions work better than presentations at BarCamp.
  5. All topics are welcome: open source, wiki, programming, knitting, online communities, science fiction, and much more. Get creative with your topics. Want more time on a topic or want to hold an adhoc discussion? We have plenty of flexibility built into the BarCamp format.

What more convincing do you need? We look forward to seeing you at BarCamp Portland.