Bartesian Wants to ‘Liberate Cocktails,’ Sees Strong Start to Crowdfunding Campaign

Bartesian is a hardware project out of Waterloo.

The startup is seeking $100,000 to build a household machine that creates cocktails, not like pod-based coffeemakers.

Hipsters and purists will scoff, but early backers suggest there is an interest in the speed and convenience of a machine-made drink: less than a day in, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $16,000.

“Bartesian has been designed and developed with the care and intricacy of a craft cocktail,” its creators say. “From the welded steel enclosure, to the simple geometric form, we have designed every feature with style and ease of use in mind to create the ultimate user experience. Bartesian has a simple, analog interface: no need for each guest to download and fumble through an app.”

Bartesian’s team is made up of Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo graduates who hail most recently from the HAX Accelerator program in China and also participated in Launchpad and Velocity, two local accelerators.