BC Place Stadium to have two names: Countering Rogers Arena, prepare for both Telus Park and Bell Pitch

The word “ridiculous” comes to mind.

As if telcos competing for name sponsorships of our yet another of our sports venues isn’t already a bit silly, having two telcos sponsor two teams inside of one stadium is plain and simply odd.

It’s been rumoured for a while (ever since Rogers Arena replaced GM Place, really) that the new BC Place Stadium would be sponsored by Telus. This is fact now, although “when” is still a question—it could take up to the end of the year to finalize the massive deal.

But as it turns out, Telus—which already sponsors Science World, AKA the “Telusphere” or “Telus World of Science”—might not be the sole owner. Its Montreal friend Bell may also get its hands on the stadium.

If both deals go through, the stadium will be dubbed Telus Park (or something equally Telus-y) while the BC Lions play, and Bell Pitch (or something equally Bell-y) while the Vancouver Whitecaps play. Perhaps it will be called Telco World of Sports during off-days.