bnetTV Reports from Mobile World Congress Barcelona

BNetTV.comNow that Mobile World Congress (MWC) has wrapped up (February 16th through 19th), and all the “Cafe con Leche” caffeine fueled conversations are complete, all that is left is to try to make sense of it all … with 50,000 (ish) attendees and 8 trade show halls at Fira Barcelona, including the meeting rooms where all the action was happening behind the scenes, there was LOTS happening. So in addition to the highlights (Mobile App Stores, 4G and LTE deployment, global mobile financial services, mobile social networking and content delivery, Mobile 2.0, plaftorms and the continued mobile fragmented ecosystem), how does one tune into all the mobile and wireless innovation that’s going on?

BNetTV Michelle Sklar Stephen King Mob4Hire TechVibesWell,‘s live reporting of MWC Barcelona, of course. has Calgary roots and is a big deal, frankly, with ten million (yes: 10,000,000) streams watched on a monthly basis. As I prepared to do my interview in Barcelona, I thought I’d turn the tables and do a video interview with Michelle Sklar about what bnetTV is all about, and, since she’s in the middle of the action, she also offers a great perspective on what’s hot at MWC (they interviewed 250 companies at Barcelona!). Michelle is the VP Programming and Content Management at BNetTV, and directs / produces much of the content, and in her interview also mentions the new partnerships with the Yankee Group as well as Innovation China.

bnetTV serves up about 10,000,000 streams a month through an agreggation of about 150 partnership sites worlwide.

bnetTV is an internet broadcast company that covers high-tech shows around the world and publishes the video in bit size streaming formats. It’s one of the smartest (i.e. it actually generates revenue) vertical video content ideas I’ve seen … they’re covering hot topics that get a lot of views, and make their money not only from a really cool advertising implementation that overlays ads on their videos, but also from contracting to shows like the Yankee Group’s Mobile Internet World in Boston from Oct 21 to 23, which includes packaging the whole thing up on Conference DVD’s. includes four different channels: bnetTV, Urban Beat, Wireless Planet, and Marachino Misadventures and broadcast from all the important global technology tradeshows; CES, GSMA, CTIA Vegas, CommunicaAsia, you name it. Good stuff.

bnetTV is part of the Winmax Trading Group family:, and have recently announced the expansion of their New York facility.

They are rockin’, and perfectly illustrate the notion that if you are in the mobile space in Canada, make sure you treat the whole world as your marketplace, because our fair nation is a very small portion of the trillion dollar industry.

Speaking of that … last Canadian comment … Hall 8 at MWC was home to the massive booths of handset and infrastructure manufacturers. Weird to see the very large, bankruptcy-filed Nortel booth, and sad to witness yet another nail in the coffin with Verizon’s 4G announcement that snubbed Nortel.

Ok … caffeine level is running low … time for another Cafe con leche, Canadian style! Me mucho gusto!