Demo Days Offer Employers Early Access to Emerging Tech Talent

The technology market in Canada is hot as ever.

Part of the driving force behind the country’s growth in tech hails from coding schools like BrainStation that transform students into skilled developers and designers. This Friday, BrainStation will host demo days in Toronto and Vancouver for its full-time graduates, showcasing the cohort’s skills to prospective employers.

“This Friday is a big day for our Vancouver campus as we host our first Demo Day on the West coast,” explains Kyle Treleaven, general manager for BrainStation’s Vancouver campus. “The students have been on an incredible 10-week transformation and they be showcasing their hard work and new skills to the Vancouver community.”

The graduates at both demo days have completed 400 hours of education in less than three months and are ready to demonstrate their newfound abilities to companies looking to hire the best new talent in their city.

The events, which are free to attend, will be hosted at BrainStation’s sleek new office at 455 Granville Street in Vancouver and at 460 King Street West in Toronto. Both start at 5pm and include refreshments and snacks.

“Traditionally, employers would have to sift through a pile of resumes, phone screenings, multiple interviews to find amazing talent,” notes Treleaven. “We are flipping that model upside down by creating an environment that showcases today’s relevant, job-ready skill-sets to employer’s looking find that talent through the work the students are showcasing.”

For hiring companies, BrainStation’s demo days represent an incredible opportunity to gain early access emerging talent. For others, the events open a door to each city’s tech community. Either way, BrainStation has rendered its demo days must-attend occasions.