BroadbandTV Lands YouTube Content Management Deal with Univision Digital

Today, BroadbandTV announced a deal with Univision Digital, the digital division of Univision Communications, a media company serving Hispanic America, to help amplify its 16 YouTube channels and manage fan-uploaded content.

Univision is the latest addition to a growing list of entertainment companies utilizing BBTV’s content management services, including the NBA, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures.

“We now lead the global MPN market, highest growth content verticals and major international markets in online video, and we’ve achieved this by building tools and technologies to scale our business, and empower content owners and creators around the world,” commented Shahrzad Rafati, CEO, BroadbandTV. “The growing Hispanic demographic in particular has huge potential, and it will remain a strategic focus for BBTV as we continue to expand our business and global operations.”

Vancouver-born BBTV will provide its content management services for UCI’s channels for Univision content such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe,” “Como Dice el Dicho,” and “Primer Impacto.”

“Univision’s YouTube video views have increased this year—our goal is to grow these views and BroadbandTV helps us to strategically amplify content and build stronger engagement with our digital audience,” said Sameer Deen, SVP, Digital, Univision Communications. “BroadbandTV’s expertise and technology solutions will allow our fans to share and engage with their favorite shows.”

BBTV operates the world’s largest multi-platform network with 85,000 content creators amassing 18.2 billion monthly impressions. The business recently unveiled that it is the number three video property in the world in terms of unique viewers, following only mega-platforms Google and Facebook, according to the comScore Top 100 Video Properties Worldwide report.