.CA Championed as the Domain for Canadian Startups

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is partnering with non-profit Startup Canada to position .CA at the heart of the Canadian startup culture.

As part of the initiative CIRA and Startup Canada will showcase cutting-edge startups that are wearing their .CA domains proudly as they venture out to global markets.

According to CIRA’s 2014 Internet Factbook, more than half of Canadians would rather deal with .CA than a .COM website when it comes to online activities that require the disclosure of personal information, such as shopping or banking.

“Less than half of Canadian businesses are online – a number that shrinks to only 41 per cent when we look at small and medium businesses,” says David Fowler, CIRA’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “There is a tremendous opportunity for them to build a digital presence, and using the .CA banner gives these startups a kickstart by making them instantly recognizable as Canadian.”