Calgary’s I’d Cap That Acquired by Silicon Valley’s Iddiction

When Calgary’s Cody Kolodziejzyk graduated university and was having a difficult time finding his dream job at a Silicon Valley startup, he decided to take his development skills to the test and wound up launching I’d Cap That.

If you’re unfamiliar, I’d Cap That is a freemium mobile app that takes your everyday iPhone photos and slaps a hilarious (and often crude) caption on them for you to share with friends. In a short two months, I’d Cap That became the number one free app in the App Store with over four million users and tens of millions of capped images.

“Captioning photos is not a new idea, but I thought I could do it better,” said Cody. “I think the hilarious captions plus Twitter integration to enable users to tweet from within the app helped it go viral.”

Soon after, I’d Cap That was acquired by Iddiction, the Silicon Valley company behind App-o-Day, and Cody got his Silicon Valley break as an iOS developer. Iddiction has just launched I’d Cap That+, which builds upon the massive viral momentum including a new proprietary algorithm that selects the ten best captions per image and allows users to chose the perfect one, custom captioning, and public embarrassment via Facebook and email sharing.

“We’re thrilled to be able to help take the viral success of I’d Cap That to the next level, while also giving users exactly what they want. We think that this new version of the app is primed to take over the App Store,” said Andrej Nabergoj, CEO and founder of Iddiction.