Canada is the Most Cost-Effective Country to Run a Digital Business, KPMG Study Finds

According to a new study conducted by KPMG, Canada is the most cost-effective country to run a business in the digital sector. Comparing business costs and competitiveness in 14 countries, KPMG found that Canada tops them all.

The Competitive Alternatives 2012 report reveals that Canada’s cost competitiveness advantage over the US is an impressive 15%. Britain placed a distant second, 8% ahead of the US.

Canada offers “the lowest effective corporate tax rates for digital operations,” KPMG says. This helps explain why Canada has the third-biggest video game development industry in the world.

Canada also holds an edge on the research and development front, the study suggests. Our country is the second-most cost-competitive nation for R&D, after the Netherlands—nearly 11% over the US.