Canada Needs Silicon Valley’s Culture of Entrepreneurship, Expert Says

Dealmaker Media’s Debbie Landa is on a mission to bring Silicon Valley’s culture of entrepreneurship to Canada through her GROWtalks series.

According to Landa, the Valley culture wants to see everyone else succeed and as a result industry experts are willing to share their knowledge open and freely.

First introduced last year during the 2012 Grow Conference in Vancouver, GROWtalks is a one day conference on how to create, actionable metrics to make better product and marketing decisions.

In Vancouver Industry experts like KissMetrics‘ Neil Patel and 500 Startups‘s Dave McClure gave actionable advice to startup teams on how to improve design, product development, customer development, acquisition, and retention.

“If you’re not in the game you’re just reading about it trying to figure out how they’re doing it. You can’t really learn that much from reading,” Landa said during a telephone interview with Techvibes. “One of the big goals [of GROWtalks] is to bring in the people who are inventing the new strategies and skills of building products on the web to spread the word.”

Now GROWtalks is coming to Montreal and Toronto in February on the 19th and 21st respectively. Speakers for these brand new events include Clarity founder Dan Martell, The Lean Entrepreneur author Brant Cooper, and Mark MacLeod from Real Ventures.

Tickets are $195 for startups who have raised less than $2 million, $295 for all other startups, and $395 for everyone else. Register now online.