Canadian Company a Crunchies Finalist for Best Bootstrapped Startup

The self-dubbed “Oscars of tech,” TechCrunch’s 6th annual Crunchies awards are this month. And, just like in years past, American startups dominate the list.

One lone Canadian company represents our fine nation this time. Toronto-based FreshBooks is one of five finalists in the “Best Bootstrapped Startup” category, alongside Instapaper, Nimbus, Techmeme, and Upverter.

We’re actually not sure we’d consider FreshBooks a startup anymore—they’re nearly a decade old and have really blossomed into a successful, fully fledged company. Still, we’re happy to see some of Canada’s brilliant entrepreneurs recognized south of the border, regardless of category.

See any Canadian companies we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: We apologize for missing Upverter, another Canadian company. They’re a finalist in the same category as FreshBooks.