Canadian Entrepreneur Showcases New Startup at Y Combinator Demo Day

Lyal Avery is at it again.

Not long after his last company Playerize was acquired by Perk in 2015, Avery caught the entrepreneur bug. Now he’s back in the game with PullRequest.

PullRequest, which recently earned accolades from TechCrunch for an impressive performance at Y Combinator’s latest Demo Day, is a marketplace that connects freelance developers to corporate code for review. In essence, it’s a platform that allows code experts to check others’ code for bugs—and get paid to do it.

“The idea came from a very real need within the engineer teams I’ve worked with over the past 15 years,” Avery said on ProductHunt.

This is not his first rodeo, and it shows: Avery has his bases covered with PullRequest. For example, the platform assigns reviewers to the same projects repeatedly, so they can develop deeper insight into their work. There is also a thorough vetting process for reviewers. The only thing that seems in flux still is the pricing, which Avery admits is “a work in progress.”

Currently there are a couple hundred reviewers of the platform and several hundred companies have expressed interest in the service, according to Avery.

Playerize was once the recipient of the Accelerator Graduate of the Year at the Canadian Startup Awards. Avery’s new startup just graduated from Y Combinator with similar hype. Assuming the need for quality code is not going anywhere—and it isn’t—this Canadian entrepreneur may just have another hit on his hands.