Canadian Startup Lagoa Raises $5.3 Million in Funding From Atlas Ventures

Earlier this year Montreal-based digital rendering, cloud-based 3D design platform Lagoa raised $1.6 million in from Atlas Ventures, Real Ventures, Rho Canada Ventures and 500 Startups.

Today they stepped it up a notch with a $5.3 million round of new funding, much of it from Cambridge-based Atlas Ventures.

Lagoa’s cloud-based software makes 3D objects accessible to non-engineers at a company, using just a web browser, and it can put a wide range of skins or surfaces onto rough 3D models, making them look much more like a finished product.

Lagoa CEO Thiago Costa previously worked in Montreal’s gaming community for the likes of Ubisoft on the Assassin’s creed brand, and realized the offline, mostly hardware based methodology was hindering evolution of the space.

“There’s a rising need to visualize things and it’s an angle that no one talks about yet,” Costa told Techvibes earlier this year. “The future of the manufacturing industry all together is the ability to design, visualize and build something while not needing the entire infrastructure for building. We hope to be there to help people do that.”

This latest funding round, which also includes Siemens and Real Ventures, brings the total that Lagoa has raised to almost $7 million.