Carrie & Danielle & Dan?

For those of you that follow the Vancouver start-up space, here’s an interesting development. Daniel Gibbons has stepped away from day-to-day responsibilities at Lypp to join local style mavens Carrie & Danielle, Inc. as CEO. Gibbons was recruited to spearhead a social media initiative that will coincide with the launch of their new book. Carrie & Danielle’s book, Style Statement: Live by your own design, is being published by Little, Brown & Company (The Hachette Group, USA) and will be in bookstores next month.Gibbons is tight-lipped (excuse the pun) about Carrie & Danielle’s online plans but was able to describe it as a social media site focused on self-discovery and self-learning for the Oprah-set. Now, that’s a BIG market. Gibbons will remain on the Board of Directors for Lypp.