Co-founders of Vancouver’s Venture Cubes launch new project called Yiiip

The co-founders of Venture Cubes, a Vancouver-based design and strategies company, and Job Sprout, have launched their next project.

Called Yiiip—yes, three I’s, that’s not a typo—is all about buying and selling on the fly.

“Yiiip is buy and sell on-the-go, literally,” says Venture Cubes CEO Michael Tao, “It’s an app that lets you take photos of whatever you want to sell, and once you enter in the information, BAM! It’s available to buy. It’s easy. It’s instant.”

Yiiip maintains the visual aesthetics of Michaels’ past two startups: “We want to keep the interfaces simple so that the focus is on the product or service and how well it works, not the multitude of other things that are happening at the same time.”

The site is currently taking sign ups but looks like it won’t be fully running until November 1st.