Coconut Software, Google Partner to Book Financial Appointments

Reserve with Google simplifies the appointment booking process for Coconut Software's financial clients, increasing branch traffic.

Need to Know

  • Canadian customer engagement solution for banks Coconut Software has partnered with Google on Reserve with Google. 
  • Reserve with Google will allow Coconut Software’s financial customers in the US to book appointments directly through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. 
  • Founded in 2007, Coconut Software is a cloud-based SaaS appointment scheduling and lobby management solution that focuses on the financial services industry.


Coconut Software’s partnership with Google marks a big step for the Canadian startup. Through Reserve with Google, financial customers in the US will be able to book appointments with a business directly through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. 

“Partnerships like this are a perfect example of the type of interconnection and ease of use that customers expect in today’s digital world, and Coconut Software is proud to be able to bring this competitive advantage to our customers,” the company wrote in a release.

Founded in 2007, Coconut Software became popular in the financial services industry by banks looking for solutions to drive traffic to their branches and elevate their customer experience.

“Creating friction-less opportunities that facilitate customer engagement is our focus,” says Coconut Software founder and CEO Katherine Regnier. “Today’s consumers expect fast, convenient, digital experiences, so the ability to book appointments directly through Google Search is set to be a game-changer and we’re excited to bring this to our clients.”

Research from Google shows that that nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location, with 55% of searches resulting in a visit to the location within one hour. With Coconut Software’s new Google integration users interacting with brands using the platform are able to view branch specifics and book directly within Google’s search results.

For Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Coconut Software’s Google integration may have massive effects. The second-largest tax-preparation service in the US saw a 41% increase in booked appointments and tripled their conversation rate since they began using Coconut Software. Providing customers the ability to book directly through Google Maps only adds to their strength.

Coconut Software has received just under $11.5 million in funding and was named by CBC as one of “Saskatchewan’s top 5 tech companies to keep an eye on in 2019.”