Communitech Introduces True North Waterloo

Communitech is launching a new two-day global conference called True North Waterloo to reaffirm technology as a force for good.

From May 29 to 31, 2018, Communitech is bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers to renew their united vision for the future of technology.

The announcement of the new conference follows much talk about the purported perils of artificial intelligence and with a spotlight on the technology sector for its lack of diversity. True North wants people to address these challenges and talk about how the industry can “reset the compass.”

“True North Waterloo is Communitech’s next evolutionary step. We know that technology on its own doesn’t solve problems—passionate people do,” said Communitech CEO Iain Klugman.

“This event will bring together hackers, hustlers, influencers and policymakers for crucial conversations about the future of tech being used for good in the world,” he added

Communitech’s Tech Leadership Conference and Techtoberfest events have attracted thousands of attendees and luminaries, and True North Waterloo is setting itself up to be no different.

The organizers have already confirmed a handful of conference speakers including Pixar Animation Studios president Ed Catmull and Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby.

Early bird tickets to True North Waterloo are available for purchase until January 9 online.