Forget 4K: Dell Announces 8K Computer Monitor With More Than a Billion Colors

4K was so 2016, right? While in reality most of us don’t own any computers or television in 4K—we’re still waiting for the content ton catch up and prices to come down—companies are already pushing the next big thing.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas this week, Dell unveiled an 8k computer monitor. The giant, 32-inch screen delivers over one billion colors.

With a resolution of 7,580 by 4,320 pixels, the screen has a PPI of nearly 300 and as many total pixels as one might have one four 4K displays or 16 HD panels. Whoa.

Everything about the Dell UP3218K is big, including its price: a whopping $5,000.

Despite the monitor’s cumbersome size, it’s a fairly sleek product overall, with a minimal bezel and respectable mobility: it can tilt, swivel, and pivot.

Given the price and the specs, it’s obvious that the UP3218K is targeted only for hardcore professionals in graphics, design, and photography. For now, we mortal consumers should probably stick to 4K.

The UP3218K goes on sale in March.

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