DeviantART Muro Releases Redraw: Helping Creatives Draw and Stay Entertained

There are all sorts of creative HTML5 tools being released. DeviantART has come out with a new way of showcasing the creative process through their most recent update of HTML5 digital drawing application muro.

The feature, called “redraw,” allows for people a way to view the stylistic process from beginning to end. Art enthusiasts can speed up or slow down brushstrokes and watch how a piece of art is created. You can view one example here.

The site, ranked 110th in Canada according to Alexa’s traffic rankings, has 20 million members globally who upload a combined 140,000 artistic deviations daily.

The company says about deviantART muro Redraw since 2010: “In the beta stages of its release, artists have created over 2.5 million deviantART muro-related ‘deviations’ (original works of art).” That’s all without flash.

With deviantART muro Redraw, artists don’t have to understand video editing to showcase how they drew a piece of creative work. The company further adds: “Amateur artists, DIY (do-it-yourself) craftsmen, and highly skilled professionals all benefit from deviantART muro Redraw by tracking artists’ movements as they unfold providing both education and entertainment for the viewer.”

We’ve spoken on Techvibes about how important education is in the creative process and it looks like deviantART has made that a critically entertaining experience. The Verge’s Jeff Blagdon, who also wrote an article on the release of muro “redraw” says, “Because muro is built using HTML5 it works on an iPad, which we found a lot easier to use than clicking and dragging a mouse around.”

He adds that it won’t replace Adobe’s photoshop and their tools, though. DeviantART muro Redraw simply offers a wide variety of brushstrokes for some of the finest digital art around.

The more simple and easy-to-use digital tools that are released like this one, the more we’ll see image and video sharing sites explode in popularity. For example, Pinterest is now the number three social networking site in the United States. Instagram, which allows users to enhance, deviate, or distort photos was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

We are on the verge of a creative revolution according to some. Wired Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Chris Anderson recently said ahead of the magazine’s Disruptive By Design conference that “disruption is coming to all of our industries whether we like it or not … but as history as shown us, that’s how industries prosper.”