Doritos viral campaign continues

Almost a month ago to the day Doritos launched its a nation-wide initiative that asks Canadians to name the newest Doritos unidentified flavour.

However, this is not just any initiative.  There is $250,000 at stake. 

As many of you may know by now, Doritos is asking Canadians to create a video that has the potential to go viral.  The video with the most “viralocity” has the chance to win the jackpot.  There will also be random prizes for over 300 contestants as well.

Tony Matta is the Vice President of Marketing at Frito Lay Canada:

At Doritos, we’re constantly looking for bigger and better, a new and exciting way to break ground, that puts the consumer in control.  This contest is an opportunity for Canadians to tap into the viral nature of videos, use their creativity and create a digital footprint that will give them the chance to walk away with some serious cash. The Doritos brand was built by the consumer, so we’ve decided to hand over our brand yet again and let the consumer keep calling the shots with the Doritos Viralocity Contest.

The Doritos Viralocity Contest is supported with a slew of online tools such as a custom website, a Facebook fan page,  a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel.

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By the way, here is our favourite video: