Compass Engine acquired by Jason Bailey’s East Side Games

Today Vancouver’s Compass Engine announced that it has been acquired by local games studio East Side Games.

Established in 2009 by Ben Hesketh and McElroy Flavelle, Compass Engine started out building a platform for location based games before deciding to focus on the creating of their own titles for the iOS platform, namely ‘Catch the Canary’ and ‘Bounty Island’.

“We have been watching Compass Engine for a while now and worked in closely with the really great team they put together,” said Jason Bailey, CEO of East Side Games. “The development talent they’ve gathered and the IP they have developed is top tier. We are thrilled to bring them on board and get them working with our guys to continue to build the future of social and mobile games, both with Bounty Island and other mobile IP under development.”

In late July Bailey announced the formation of East Side Games, new office space and a clean cap table with $1.5 Million raised. Looks like Bailey is putting that money to work.

Compass Engine was part of the January 2011 cohort at the now defunct Bootup Labs and has also received financing from Mike Edwards’ Initio Group.