Edmonton’s Fotojournal Launches Photo Blogging Platform

Edmonton’s FotoJournal has officially launched their blogging platform for professional photographers that makes it easy to create a effective and visual blog. I was impressed by their demo at Startup Edmonton’s Launch Party. As the product is remarkably polished and incredibly user friendly. Adding photos is a snap and the blogging platform was elegant and easy to use.

Addressing a huge personal photography market, FotoJournal has created an alternative to WordPress or other platforms which are full of cumbersome templates and often require an high level technical expertise. FotoJournal lets you easily add photos and customize your blog without knowing having any CSS or HTML experience.

A few features photographers will like:

Easy Photo Publishing: Batch upload photos, have them automatically resized and inserted into a blog post with just a few clicks. It’s easy to browse through photos, organize them into sets and change the order of photos within sets all from a well designed, streamlined dashboard.

Customizable Designs: Customizing a blog design is easy to do and requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS. Choose from pre-designed themes or change a theme to match your own colors, branding, and background.

Active Community: Fotojournal is designed to foster a community spirit around photographers. At myfotojournal.com you can read recent posts and comment on blogs of fellow photographers, see what photos are in the community stream, surf through common tags, and see who’s online.

Search Engine Optimization: Setup Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and customize your meta-tags. Fotojournal automatically publishes your Sitemap and notifies 40+ web crawlers every time your blog is updated.

Fotojournal is free to use with a paid model if you want to have an vanity URL, more storage, or have the ability to customize the CSS elements of the site. Fotojournal’s design and layout are excellent features and if you are a photography hobbyist or professional, be sure to check it out.