Edmonton’s OctopusApp gets funding, relaunches as Jobber

Edmonton’s OctopusApp, a provider of web-based business management software, has received a private capital injection and will be an Octopus no more.

This capital has given Octopus the resources to re-launch its core product, now known as Jobber.

The Edmonton company has spent months reworking and reworking its flagship product. Originally called Octopus, the web-based software provides CRM and business management for on-site and field service companies.  The transformed startup believes that, with new money in the bank, its amped up marketing efforts will translate into the capturing of an under-served market. 

OctopusApp’s old website now redirects to GetJobber.com.

Quoth Jobber’s blog:

This re-launch effort brings some considerable changes that improve the flexibility and efficiency of the software, creating a better overall experience for our users. Everything from core system functionality like Scheduling and Task Management to User Interface and Mobile access have been revisited and improved upon.

Going forward as Jobber we’ll be taking full advantage of the experience that we’ve gained as Octopus to ensure that we’re providing the best business management software available for on-site service companies. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent customer support, and hope that our users will keep giving us their valuable feedback so we can make Jobber even better!