ESL Explorer: A Better Way to Study English Abroad

ESL Explorer recently emerged from stealth mode, and the Vancouver-based startup is already making waves in the ESL education market.

The ESL market is worth over $4 billion annually, with over 25% of that spend currently going to agencies who place students in schools.

ESL Explorer wants to bring a healthy dose of the Internet into an industry that operates like the travel-agency industry did 15 years ago.

ESL schools are looking for a better way to communicate with their prospective customers, and students are looking for a better way to make choices. The current system doesn’t serve either side well at all. ESL Explorer plans to disrupt the industry and give both sides exactly what they want.

“The business is simple,” says Nick Miller, founder and CEO. “Just like TripAdvisor helps you plan your perfect vacation, we help ESL students find their perfect school.”

Funded by friends and family to date, ESL Explorer has attracted the attention of a number of local and international angels and VCs. The company is currently raising money to support its push into key markets and will be launching next month.