Etsy to Go Public

In January rumours started about Etsy looking to public this year. That speculation has now materialized into reality.

Etsy has filed for an initial public offering. It will look to raise at least $100 million. In 2014 it generated $196 million in revenue but is not yet profitable.

Etsy has 700 employees, half of which are female. 20 million active buyers acquire goods from 1.4 million active sellers.

The e-commerce platfom charges 20 cents for product listings and takes a 3.5% commission from sold items, bolstering revenue further from advertising and payment processing fees. It’s valued at more than $1 billion.

Erin Green, who leads Etsy in Canada, will be hosting a session at Dx3 called “How to Connect Online and Offline Campaigns.” Green, who has worked at lululemon athletica and eLuxe, will teach attendees how to “to connect your online and offline campaigns without either tactic feeling forced to coexist.”