FreshBooks Launches Hourly Rate Resource for Self-Employed Professionals

FreshBooks this week released a new resource to help self-employed professionals optimize their hourly rates.

The Toronto-based accounting software company notes that roughly one-third of the workforce in the US is self-employed, and one of the most common struggles of these workers is determining hourly rates.

“The majority of self-employed professionals don’t have access to market data to help them determine what they should be charging for their expertise,” said Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks. “A little more transparency can go a long way to giving small business owners confidence when pricing their services to the benchmarks of other self-employed professionals in their field.”


Legal professionals have rates ranging from $30 to $450, according to FreshBooks, while creative professionals charge anywhere from $20 to $145. The company’s new service helps contractors determine their worth and optimize freelance income.

“Whether you bill by the hour, the word or the project, you’re leaving money on the table if you’ve been cruising on autopilot, rather than revising your freelance rates as you gain new skills and experience,”

FreshBooks serves paying customers in 160 countries.

Mike McDerment Unveils ‘New FreshBooks’