Fundraising with Facebook: How to Maximize Online Donations Using Social Networks

Toronto’s Artez Interactive provides charities around the world with online fundraising systems.

Based on that experience Artez has published a whitepaper that compiles data from over 645,000 donations, hundreds of campaigns, and millions of visitors to their platform to learn more about Facebook’s effect on fundraising.

Why Facebook specifically? Artez has noted that 90% of social network visitors to donation pages were coming from Facebook (Twitter only accounted for 5%).

Artez’s whitepaper titled Fundraising With Facebook (downloadable PDF) uncovered a plethora of interesting statistics on the subject.

  • In an average peer-to-peer or “crowdsourced” campaign, 15% to 18% of donations are referred directly from Facebook.
  • In a fundraising campaign allowing registrants to use social login, those who connect their accounts to Facebook will raise on average 40% more than those who do not. (And earn 30% more individual donations.)
  • Registrants who use Facebook social login are more likely raise at least one donation than registrants who choose to register with a username and password.
  • Facebook converts visitors to online donation much better than other popular social networks like Twitter, but not as well as direct or email “asks.”
  • Peer-driven or crowdsourced pledges referred by Facebook are generally a lower gift amount than those referred by email or other online sources.
  • Women are more likely than men to use a fundraising application (“app”) inside Facebook.
  • 12% of traffic to fundraising and donation pages comes from a mobile device.
  • The most popular devices for mobile web donations in 2012 were the iPad and the iPhone.