FundRazr Powers Fundrboogie to Launch Hip-Hop Lifestyle Crowdfunding Platform

FundRazr is powering fundrboogie, a new project in beta targeting the hip-hop community.

FundRazr’s technology will drive the platform of fundrboogie, which is a site for creatives, entrepreneurs, and fans to raise money and bring the hip-hop community together—a community which “continues to be underrepresented by mainstream crowdfunding platforms,” according to the companies.

“As crowdfunding moves into the mainstream, people will prefer platforms that support their specific community of interest,” suggests FundRazr founder and CEO Daryl Hatton.

The platform’s first successful campaign was launched by underground rap artist Mr. Complex.

In the United States, hip-hop music generates over $10 billion a year, and is popular worldwide.

“Crowdfunding is an effective way to get supporters excited and involved with your project,” says fundrboogie founder Randy Nkonoki-Ward. “Though Hip-Hop is one of the most dominant cultural influences on the planet, until now it has not been represented or understood by existing crowdfunding platforms.”

Based in Vancouver, FundRazr is a crowdfunding solution that powers white-labeled solutions and delivers their technology through market focused partnerships.