Globalive Technology Partners Launches with Anthony Lacavera as CEO

A true disruptor of big industry in Canada has found new wind beneath his wings.

Anthony Lacavera, the founder of WIND Mobile, has launched Globalive Technology Partners (GTP), a new company focused on reinventing traditional business sectors through bleeding-edge technology like AI, IoT and blockchain. Lacavera will serve as CEO and chairman.

The new initiative comes from a combination of Globalive Capital, the founders of Mundo Inc., and VRG Capital. TP will serve as an investment vehicle and form partnerships with high-growth companies that realize having an edge in blockchain and machine learning is hugely important in a shifting business ecosystem.

GTP and Lacavera are supported by a strong leadership team with extensive knowledge in the blockchain, technology, investment and corporate governance. A varied background will allow GTP to achieve their goal of transforming the traditional economy into the new economy. Blockchain will be an important aspect of GTP’s expansion and business plan.

“Blockchain investment is currently being driven by the price of bitcoin, when it should be driven by its potential to create significant value with real-world applications,” said Lacavera. “We need to think differently about blockchain and its ability to change how we discover, valuate and transfer anything,”

“We are focused on being the first to commercialize blockchain technology across a variety of industries most susceptible to disintermediation–cutting out the middleman,” he added.

An initial round of $10 million in seed financing is currently underway for GTP, and the company anticipates a public offering in mid-2018.

The first commercial partnership for GTP is with VIDL News, a technology platform co-founded by GTP themselves along with Gregory D’Alba. AI and blockchain tech will be leveraged to allow VIDL News to report accurate global news events and incidents in an automated and real-time manner. Essentially, GTP will give VIDL News the software they need to access these new kinds of technology.

For further partnerships, GTP will continue to develop software—and even hardware—stacks that can leverage blockchain to to either improve the performance of legacy operations or create entirely new models and platforms.

Globalive Capital has invested in companies like Statflo and Platterz, as well as the now-shuttered fund 500 Startups Canada.