Google Home Introduces Free Calls in US and Canada

“Hey Google, call Mom.”

Google announced today its smart speaker Google Home will allow anyone in Canada and the US to make hands-free calls over wifi—for free.

Powered by Google Assistant, people can tell the device to call anyone in their contact list and businesses with searchable numbers, as long as they’re within Canada and the US.

The feature currently doesn’t support international numbers when the recipient is outside North America unless linked to a Project Fi or Google Voice account where those calls can be billed.

The search engine giant initially teased the new feature in May.

Calls from Google Home will initially appear as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” for the recipient, but Google said by the end of the year a caller’s mobile number will be displayed. For now, the feature only works for English speakers.

But don’t try to use Google Home for emergencies—calls to 911 are not supported.